Help Out an Amazing Blogger!

Hello friends,

I’m writing today to link you guys to what I consider to be an amazing cause.

Our blogger, Emma, is currently going through a transition from Male to Female. She is having some problems covering the costs of this transition and is looking for donations to help her.

Emma has been an amazing part of the Mediafile. She’s given us amazing insights into a lot of different topics. Feel free to check out my favorite article here.

If you would like to help support her transition, please follow this link. Thank you!


Why Can’t We Just Be Gay?

If you’ve listened to any of the Mediafile Podcasts with me on them, you’ll notice that we mention a lot that I am not from Rhode Island/New England. This is strange for anyone living in New England as they mostly don’t seem to notice that there’s a world outside of their corner. (Sorry, guys, I gotta get my jokes in where I can…)

The thing about being from the South is that yeah, people tend to be a little more narrow-minded when it comes to, well, everything. That’s okay though because there are also some amazing people from the South, too.

Today though, I was very disturbed to see that an openly-gay man in the Country music-scene, Joey Greenwell,  is now claiming that he’s straight and is going by Nate Green. Check the main article out by clicking me. 

Is this a product of the South, selling-out, or the general fact that stereotypes reign?

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An Open Letter to Robin Thicke: Please Shut the Fuck Up.

**Robin Thicke IS a Big D

Alright. I listened to Blurred Lines. I got involved in the debate on whether not it was about rape. I even read where you said that you were a feminist, and then chuckled to myself because that word does not mean what you think it means. I watched Miley Cyrus twerk on you and then subsequently heard you say that it wasn’t planned. I’ve pretty much come to dislike you as a person, but, on top of all of this, you’re now just being a douche that is pushing a little too far.

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Game of Thrones: Wait, What? A Review from Someone Who Hasn’t Read the Books…


Alright so I am probably the only person on the planet who is really, seriously confused about what’s going on with Game of Thrones. With the end of season four and my finally watching it last night…. uh…. what?


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Losing It: My FIRST Rocky Horror Picture Show

photo 1

So, I’ve always, always, always been a huge Rocky Horror fan. Ever since I was little. I remember the Rocky Horror birthday party I had, all the collectible action figures I displayed proudly in a glass case, and the fact that my goal in life for some time was to own a gold bowler hat and to wear it, well, everywhere. However, growing up in Arkansas, as well as the fact that I was too scared to go by myself, I had never gone to a live Rocky Horror show before. Not until last night.

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She Grew Up, She Filled Out: Sin City 2 Trailer 2 is Released


If you can picture me laying under this poster as a kid, contemplating how amazing Frank Miller’s original Sin City adaptation was, you can imagine my face when I got to see the newest trailer released for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Usually I try not to watch trailers so I can be surprised, but I couldn’t help myself.

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