And we’re back!

Hello faithful MediaFile readers, Caitlin here to apologize and beg profusely for your forgiveness at the lack of content the blog has had recently.

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Another New Podcast and some Site News!

Things have been busy at The MediaFile.  We’ve got some amazing new writers coming on board.  We made a film, that will be releasing very soon, and we’re going  work on cleaning up the site and getting more regular content out to all of you, so be sure to keep and eye on us!

Last night, a bunch of us got together for a new podcast, so check it out!

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We continue our tradition of opening each show with a terrible beverage, this week was NattyDaddy…  ugh.

Godzilla had a huge opening weekend, so we talked about that with the biggest Godzilla fan we know, we fail to discuss Net Neutrality and we wrap up by discussing the future of the giant monster (Kaiju) movie genre!


  • Jesse
  • Caitlin
  • Tom
  • Bill
  • Patrick
  • Sebron

New Short Story

So, I’ve decided to launch a new portion of the site!  It’s called ‘Fiction!’  If you can come up with a better name, please make a suggestion, and I’ll probably change it!  I’m hoping that all of the MediaFiles will get a chance to contribute here.  Short fiction, poetry, serials…  Whatever we come up with, here’s a space where we’ll be sharing our work and looking for feedback.

My first piece is a short (mini) story called Just Over the Next Rise.  Please give it a read.  This is my first attempt at writing fiction as an adult.  It’s something I’ve always meant to do, but that white, blank page is always far too intimidating!  It’s probably not very good, and I certainly haven’t developed a voice or a style yet.  But it is a story!  It does have meaning!  Actually, I’m quite proud of it, though I do recognize that there’s nowhere to go but up!

Let me know what you think!