Losing It: My FIRST Rocky Horror Picture Show

photo 1

So, I’ve always, always, always been a huge Rocky Horror fan. Ever since I was little. I remember the Rocky Horror birthday party I had, all the collectible action figures I displayed proudly in a glass case, and the fact that my goal in life for some time was to own a gold bowler hat and to wear it, well, everywhere. However, growing up in Arkansas, as well as the fact that I was too scared to go by myself, I had never gone to a live Rocky Horror show before. Not until last night.

Friday the 13th. Foxboro. The Orpheum. The amazing RKO Army. And two days before my 25th Birthday.

I take my seat toward the back of the theater and know that something is in store since I’ve always read that virgins have to do something embarrassing. I mean, after all, it is your first time. You don’t walk into your first time doing anything cool. I won’t say what happens to all virgins since I feel like that’s a special celebration of RKO Army’s love and mine. (Don’t kiss and tell, kids, it’s wrong!) But, anyway, the cast member that was so kind enough to “pop my cherry” was the amazing Bill Lange. We finish and as I am ready to run back to my seat to enjoy the show I hear the announcer tell us that there are two special virgins in the audience tonight. Bill gets up, walks over to me, nods in his Bill way and then boom. The next thing I know, myself and this very frightened 18-year-old, are in the show.  Again, I won’t give too many details because I don’t want to ruin the experience for any other virgins out there. I got to be in a Rocky Horror Picture Show LIVE SHOW! My dreams have come true. This is something that a younger Caitlin only dreamed about.

After my part was over, I happily found my seat and proceeded to watch an absolutely amazing performance. The RKO Army really, really knows what they’re doing. Frank-N-Furter was beautiful, mysterious, and above all, downright sexy. The Creature boasted a tattoo on his chest that I am pretty certain said: “Don’t Dream It, Be It!” and honestly, everyone was just perfect. I have never had so much fun.

While I am certain that many pictures will surface in the next few days of my horrified expression when I had to go up on stage, I just wanted to leave this quick note to say THANK YOU to the RKO Army, because you are all kind of amazing. It was a great first time (call me, later?) and I look forward to seeing you all again as soon as I can.

Feel free to click here to go to RKO’s website for a list of upcoming shows, as well as check out their facebook page.

Also, please enjoy this terrible photo of me laughing after Bill had his Rocky-Horror-Way with me:

photo 2


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