And we’re back!

Hello faithful MediaFile readers, Caitlin here to apologize and beg profusely for your forgiveness at the lack of content the blog has had recently.

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The MediaFiles Podcast – Episode 014: Splintered Humanity Productions


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This was fun!  A few of us here at The MediaFile have been working on development of a game system for a long time!  It’s called Splintered Humanity and it’s the creation of Ray Corsetti, Matt Turner and others!

It sounds like an amazing, rich, and complex game world and system with a lot of promise!

We discuss the history of the setting, the factions/races, potential game products for the future and the Creative Commons model for getting this all done!

The MediaFiles Podcast, Episode 008 – After GISHWHES

Churros Vs. Lightsaber!  Who wins?!

Churros Vs. Lightsaber! Who wins?!

So, The MediaFile has been very, very quite the past week or so.  That is because we have been participating in GISHWHES!  It was an intense, week-long, photo/video/randomactofkindness/worldrecordshattering experience!

It was amazing!  Truly amazing!  We had a great deal of fun!

Some pictures from the experience.

Some of the videos we made, too!

This week’s podcast is a few of us, mere moments after submissions closed for the week, telling some of the tales of abnosome (new word!) feats we accomplished!  There are no edits, and it may not make sense, but I hope it captures the feeling!

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