Jesse D. Crichton

Hi!  I’m Jesse!  Welcome to my website!

I am a graduate student in Media Studies at Rhode Island College.

I brew beer.

I like the color red.

I host bar trivia for Stump! Trivia!  If you live near me, I’d love to see you at one of my events!

Obviously, I am also obsessed with all things media-related.  Books, movies, websites, TV shows, video games, theatre…  You name it, I want to know about it!

I started The MediaFile website to bring my community of media-nerds together in an organized fashion – to give us a forum to work together to produce collaborative content.  We have a talented community here in New England!  We have game designers, filmmakers, writers and more!  It is my goal to bring us together to use each other as resources to get out work made.

Tweet at me @JesseCrichton
Email me at MediaFileBlog (at)


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