You Can’t Take the Sky From Me…. but you can ruin everything I love.


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Graduated Articulates: Syfy’s “Dominion” Is Bad, And They Should Feel Bad

“Dominion” is a show on the Syfy channel whose pilot episode went out on June 19, 2014. It should have stayed in whatever passes as Syfy’s vault.

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The MediaFiles Podcast – Episode 003: Bacon Bullets!

bacon bullets

It’s Episode Three of The MediaFiles Podcast!

In this episode, The MediaFiles discuss Daft Punk‘s new album Random Access Memories, Google Play, the fact that Edward Snowden just doesn’t matter, Minecraft, Bacon-based warfare, the Ouya vs. Project Shield and why you shouldn’t go out and see any movies right now (unless you like that sort of thing!)

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In the studio today are:
Jesse D. Crichton
Ryan Pease
Thomas Mottl
Ray Corsetti
Matt Turner

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Xbox One: Justifiable Nerd-Rage or the Future of Entertainment?

Hello!There has been quite a lot of nerd-rage over the last week or so regarding the Xbox 720 One.  But, I suppose that is the expected response these days.  People just seem to not like change.  Nevertheless, the future continues to come, and the latest instance of that is the upcoming hardware release from Microsoft.

One of the Microsoft bigwigs recently interviewed with USA Today to discuss what’s up with the Xbox One.

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Star Trek: Into Darkness at LUDICROUS SPEED!!!

The much-anticipated sequel to J.J. Abrams 2009, pseudo-reboot of the Star Trek franchise is now two weeks behind us. I am still entirely underwhelmed by it.  Why is that? It was a fun movie, wasn’t it?  Sure it was!  The cast was great, weren’t they?  Absolutely! So, you must be one of those angry nerds that just hates everything, right?  No way!  I try to be  as forgiving and positive in my media assessments as possible!  So what’s the deal with Star Trek into Darkness?


Before I go any further, you should go see the movie.  Catch all the fun surprises and all the action-packed adventure.  To see why I think it’s so ludicrous; read on!

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