You Can’t Take the Sky From Me…. but you can ruin everything I love.


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Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailer!

Years ago – throughout my entire childhood and right up until about the year 2001 – I only ever owned Nintendo game consoles.  I was a fanboy.  Even typing the word now, N-I-N-T-E-N-D-O, makes me feel happy.  Okay, fine.  I had an Atari 2600 and a Commodore 64…  But after that, it was just the NES, Gameboy, SNES, N64, GBA and GameCube.  I never liked Sega.  I thought the PlayStation was nothing more than flashy graphics with no real substance (Though, I did get the PC version of Final Fantasy VII).  And when MicroSoft launched a gaming console?  Xbox?!  What is that?!  Hah!  I scoffed.

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Episode 004 – Forget College; GISHWES!

DSC_1533We’ve got a new episode for you, and it’s a good one!

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In this episode, get to know the MediaFiles through their thoughts on:

-Shooting fireworks!
-The death of the 4-year college degree!
-The love of Theatre!
-The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen!
-Our favorite Old-School video games!

In the studio today are:

Jesse D. Crichton (@JesseCrichton)
Ryan Pease (@PeasePoint)
Thomas Mottl (@tmsmottl)
Bill Lange (@TriviaJockBill)
Ray Corsetti (@sebron)

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The MediaFiles Podcast – Episode 003: Bacon Bullets!

bacon bullets

It’s Episode Three of The MediaFiles Podcast!

In this episode, The MediaFiles discuss Daft Punk‘s new album Random Access Memories, Google Play, the fact that Edward Snowden just doesn’t matter, Minecraft, Bacon-based warfare, the Ouya vs. Project Shield and why you shouldn’t go out and see any movies right now (unless you like that sort of thing!)

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In the studio today are:
Jesse D. Crichton
Ryan Pease
Thomas Mottl
Ray Corsetti
Matt Turner

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Xbox One vs. PS4 – Side by Side


The debate has raged since Microsoft first announced the Xbox One a couple of weeks ago.  Objectively, I think that, though many of us here at The MediaFile are professed Xbox fanboys, there are legitimate arguments on both sides of this console war.

Fortunately for us, deviantART user yamamoto114 compiled a side by side comparison.

It’s a pretty long list, so check it out after the cut!

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EA 2013 E3 Press Conference Causes a Stir

Electronic Arts announced Eleven new titles for the 2013 – 2014 lineup at it’s E3, (Electronic Entertainment Expo), press conference today. While there was the usual EA Sports line-up to contend with, a few bright gems stuck out among the titles. Even those inevitable sports titles seemed to have a few tricks up their sleeves. Let’s take a good in-depth look at what gaming publisher Electronic Arts has in store for us… after the jump.

Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference Coverage

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The New Podcast is Up!

Inside the StudioOur new podcast is up!  We had a ton of fun recording!  This was a first outing so it’s not perfect, and constructive criticism is most welcome.

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Xbox One Controller: If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

If Micro$oft is handling even one part of the Xbox One correctly, it may just be the controller.

Xbox has a good history with controllers.  They had a misstep with the original Xbox controller – the one my friends and I jokingly referred to as ‘The Hamburger’ due to its shape and girth.  They quickly repaired that by issuing the Controller S, which moved around some of the buttons and greatly decreased the size.

The Xbox 360 controller was nearly identical to the S, but it’s wireless and they moved the buttons around again, just a little bit.

And now, we have the Xbox One

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