Why Can’t We Just Be Gay?

If you’ve listened to any of the Mediafile Podcasts with me on them, you’ll notice that we mention a lot that I am not from Rhode Island/New England. This is strange for anyone living in New England as they mostly don’t seem to notice that there’s a world outside of their corner. (Sorry, guys, I gotta get my jokes in where I can…)

The thing about being from the South is that yeah, people tend to be a little more narrow-minded when it comes to, well, everything. That’s okay though because there are also some amazing people from the South, too.

Today though, I was very disturbed to see that an openly-gay man in the Country music-scene, Joey Greenwell,  is now claiming that he’s straight and is going by Nate Green. Check the main article out by clicking me. 

Is this a product of the South, selling-out, or the general fact that stereotypes reign?

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Transmedia: My Intentions for the Future of a Blog


I would like to take the present moment to lay out my plans for my Transmedia blog entries, at least for the near future. It has been suggested that I should write a blog post describing how to talk to trans people and how to discuss trans issues with due respect and consideration. I also intend to begin pursuing a series of blog entries that are deeply tied to my personal interests and to my career goals.
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