Game of Thrones: Wait, What? A Review from Someone Who Hasn’t Read the Books…


Alright so I am probably the only person on the planet who is really, seriously confused about what’s going on with Game of Thrones. With the end of season four and my finally watching it last night…. uh…. what?


I was super excited since I actually haven’t read the books and with so many people hyping this up to be one of the best GoT season finales ever, well, I was let-down.

I think my main grief has to do with “the Children.” I don’t usually go for Game of Thrones because of magic and high-fantasy. Honestly, I’m addicted to character development and the fact that no one is safe. (Um, sorry… every Stark ever.) The fireballs, the three-eyed Raven looking like Dumbledore, just, what? It took me out of the show. Also, I really, really want to start a “Human Rights for Hodor” campaign. Bran, he is not your play-thing!

Then everything that happened with Daenerys, well, this whole season. As my roommate put it, it was really awesome to watch such a strong female character “play administrator” versus you know, being the Mother of Dragons. I really enjoyed watching her make yet another decision sitting on a throne. So riveting. Even the stuff with caging the dragons, I honestly didn’t feel anything and I am the biggest, and sappiest animal lover there is. Instead I was just like, “You killed a little girl, like, yeah, go to time out.”

There were a few key points that I feel like had amazing potential but then just kind of well… didn’t go anywhere. First and foremost, let’s talk about the fact that my two favorite characters were on screen FOR THE FIRST TIME TOGETHER. Brienne of Tarth and Arya Stark are amazing. I absolutely adored the dialogue between the two when they are talking about being females who want to fight. This was brilliantly done. However, Arya just immediately resents Brienne when she doesn’t know the whole story. I’m not sure how to feel. Then, honestly, I felt like the Hound’s “death” (we’ll see) was stupid. Okay, yes, he dies and is killed by a girl but I was starting to be OK with him as a human being. I felt like this was everyone’s general feeling and that’s why we had to have his final speech about the Butcher’s Boy and attempted-rape of Sansa. I felt like the Hound ended with: “Hey, remember those comedic moments I’ve had with you the past few seasons? YEAH I AM STILL AN ASS #YOLO.”

But then, Tyrion. Oh. Tyrion. HOW CAN YOU REMAIN THE MOST BADASS AND AMAZING CHARACTER? I was thrilled with everything that happened. I actually may have yelled at the TV: “Shae, you deserved that, you bitch!” And Tywin. Ha. HAHAHAHAHA.

And I hadn’t thought about it, but after the episode I saw this amazing list of tweets about GoT from mashable. Happy Birthday to an amazing Father, Tywin Lannister. Now, Tyrion, moonwalk out and flip him off. Remain amazing forever.

All-in-all, I am nervous about the next season and am actually contemplating reading the books to see what the hell was different and what wasn’t. Though, I kind of like being surprised in the show, which is crazy for such a book-nerd like myself.

So, what did you think of the premiere? Should I read the books? Is Tyrion amazing or is he AMAZING?


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