And we’re back!

Hello faithful MediaFile readers, Caitlin here to apologize and beg profusely for your forgiveness at the lack of content the blog has had recently.

Due to a wide and quasi-interesting list of reasons, we had to take a bit of time off, but great news – we’re baaaaaaaack! Look for new content coming each day based on a variety of Media-themed topics. And on that topic, what do you, our loyal readers, want to read about? What is interesting to you right now? What’s not? Is anyone sick of Comicon yet?

And, for a little shameless promotion, one of the reasons we’ve not been producing content is due to our evil overlord, Jesse D. Crichton¬†having a film accepted into the Rhode Island International Film Festival. (Also, it was written by yours truly.) We have a Facebook Event¬†for it, and all are welcome to come. Let us know if you are so we can buy you a beer!

Welcome back to the MediaFile, everyone.

We’ve missed you.


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