You Can’t Take the Sky From Me…. but you can ruin everything I love.


Yesterday at the SDCC it was announced that there is a MMORPG coming out called Firefly online. It is, gasp, based on the amazing show of the same name. The ORIGINAL cast will be coming back to voice characters, and generally, the game looks like it has an interesting concept.

I’m willing to fully admit that I was an MMO whore back in high-school. I played with the best Mithra, Tarutaru, Night Elves, and various other WoW and FFXI references. I love the idea of MMOs, being a community of people with a purpose in-game, the different kinds of things you can do to explore your imagination. In theory, this is all great. In reality, the games can be a time-suck that ruin lives.

I’m not expecting that from the Firefly game. In fact, I’m not expecting it to go anywhere. According to the website that was launched¬†(and which is barely loading because of high-traffic) the game will be out later in 2014. However, with the little bit of information that’s out, I feel as though the entire thing is just a version of EVE, but with handy-dandy Whedonverse characters. You can assemble a crew, go on missions, and you can even play it on PC… or on your smartphone. Yeah. That sounds like a serious-try at an MMO. /end sarcasm

Another problem I have with the game is that it’s rumored that Joss Whedon actually has NOTHING to do with it. This is not his idea, not his game. We just get his characters, with none of his writing or dialogue. Why on earth would the actors come back to support this project when Whedon himself has said that they’re all too busy?

Needless to say, I’m worried. I’m worried this game will suck. I’m worried that Firefly will suddenly be remembered as a shitty game and nothing more. Also the fact that you will be able, at some point, to play as a Reaver…. uh…. can we just leave the option to play cannibalistic rapists out of it?¬†I’m starting to really, really wonder if we just need to leave Firefly in the past and remember it for the amazing show that it was, and nothing else. (Maybe we can even leave Serenity out of the mix, too.)

Still. I’ll play it. I can’t not. I’m already waiting for it to hit Steam, but I assure you, the only reason I’ll be playing is to pay tribute to Wash, and not because I’m really curious to see how badly this is gonna suck.

1 thought on “You Can’t Take the Sky From Me…. but you can ruin everything I love.

  1. An MMO based on a popular IP sounds like a GREAT idea! Just look at how successful The Matrix Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic (which, full discretion, I played for 2 1/2 years), Marvel Heroes and DC Universe were!

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