You Can’t Take the Sky From Me…. but you can ruin everything I love.


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Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer Released!

Rockstar has graced us with a good long look at Grand Theft Auto V today, so let’s take a look and break down the trailer after the jump!

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Handheld Halo!

This looks like fun!

Micro$oft will be releasing a new third-person (birds-eye view) shooter Halo game in July.  It’s going to be available to be played either on a Windows 8 computers, for traditional keyboard and mouse play, or on Windows 8 mobile devices for touchscreen play.

I’m optimistic about it.  I’d love to play!  But they’re not going to sell many copies, because I don’t think anybody is going to buy a Surface or a Windows Phone just to play an $8 game!

Oh well.  Maybe they’ll release a version for Android?

The full official announcement is here.