An Open Letter to Robin Thicke: Please Shut the Fuck Up.

**Robin Thicke IS a Big D

Alright. I listened to Blurred Lines. I got involved in the debate on whether not it was about rape. I even read where you said that you were a feminist, and then chuckled to myself because that word does not mean what you think it means. I watched Miley Cyrus twerk on you and then subsequently heard you say that it wasn’t planned. I’ve pretty much come to dislike you as a person, but, on top of all of this, you’re now just being a douche that is pushing a little too far.

Back in February it was announced that Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton were going to split after nine years. Like most celebrity break-ups, no one cares. However, the reason we’re here discussing it is because IT WON’T GO AWAY. Immediately after breaking up Robin began a clingy and stalker-type relationship with his estranged wife. He took her flowers, told the press and anyone who would listen how he would ‘get her back.’ and basically just made himself to look unhealthily clingy.

Apart from all the antics Robin Thicke has found himself in the middle of the point of the matter is clear, he wasn’t in a relationship where either party was happy. I’m sorry but even with an open-relationship, it’s kind of disrespectful to your partner to be caught doing something like this: (By the way, guys, she’s 20. He’s 37.)

Mirrors. They work.

Instead of explaining things that he’s done wrong or talking about the fact that he generally treats women like shit, Thicke has decided to go public with his new song called blahblahblahimnotadoucheandit’snotmyfault, or, it’s real title: Get Her Back

The video opens with, guess what guys? Another naked woman. But instead of only looking at her barely-covered body in shadow we also get text messages that hint at things like, “I kept trying to warn you, you were pushing me too far.” and then a flash to see Thicke with blood around his mouth. The implication here seems to be that Thicke is saying he has been abused. The video continues with naked women touching Thicke and more text messages that we can only infer are conversations between him and Patton. The video ends with what honestly sounds like a threat: “This is only the beginning.” With the blood imagery and the naked women – what is he implying? The only conclusion that someone can come to is that he’s planning on spending his time working on getting his ex-wife back. If she says NO, that means NO, which means that is basically threatening to begin stalking her.

If you are thinking, like I did, that maybe there is something deeper in the lyrics of the song and that the video was just a stage production, take a look at the lyrics:

All I wanna do
Is keep her love
Keep her love
Keep her satisfied
All I wanna do
Is make it right
Make it right
Is make you smile tonight
All I wanna do
Is give you that thing, play you that song, you and your girlfriend sing
All I wanna do
Is get you back tonight
I gotta get to go, get to go, get her back
I gotta get to go, get to go, get her back
I gotta treat her right, I gotta cherish for life
I gotta get to go, get to go, get her tonight

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s some Pulitzer prize winning shit right there. Not only are the lyrics vapid, shallow and generally just bad, Thicke goes on to continue to say that he will “wait forever for you to love me again,” Cool story. Not true.

The point of the matter is that not only is Thicke continuing to be just a terrible person, he’s blatantly saying now that he’s going to continue to harass his soon-to-be ex-wife and he’s ignoring the basic right of all people: we can say no and it should be respected.

*ahem* Dear Robin Thicke: 

Your wife left you. That sucks! A lot of people are going through that right now, cause you know, people break up. The thing about break-ups though is that most of the time when you break up with someone, it’s because something wasn’t working Move on with your life. Stop involving the press. And above all, let someone go when they want to be let go. You’re not being romantic, you’re being creepy and bordering on an unhealthy obsession. 

P.S. The suit you wore at the MTV awards still offends me. 


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