She Grew Up, She Filled Out: Sin City 2 Trailer 2 is Released


If you can picture me laying under this poster as a kid, contemplating how amazing Frank Miller’s original Sin City adaptation was, you can imagine my face when I got to see the newest trailer released for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Usually I try not to watch trailers so I can be surprised, but I couldn’t help myself.

First and foremost, the trailer looks visually stunning. . Seeing Hartigan again, but being able to see Nancy putting flowers on his grave, amazing. I am loving how they are setting up for a lost-girl-loses-only-safety-and-has-to-seek-revenge thing. Plus, our characters that are coming in this next film will be so great to delve into.

However, honestly, the thing that makes me the most excited is how clear and comic-book-esque the lines look in each scene. I love what I’m seeing so far with the high contrasts of black and white it looks even better that the first movie since it’s been almost TEN YEARS since it was released. How technology has advanced. The only thing that I am having problems with so far in the trailer is Eva Green playing femme fatale Ava Lord. I loved how her eyes were in the last movie, but in the trailer so far they look supernaturally green. Still, I am interested to see how this goes. I cannot wait for August 22, 2014 when I will be squeeing in line to see the movie.

Check the trailer out!

What do you think?  Did you like the trailer?


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