The MediaFiles Podcast: Episode 010 – Breaking Bad Steam Science

The MediaFiles Podcast has reached our tenth episode!

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This week, we gathered in the studio to talk about what’s happening on TV this fall, including Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother and Agents of SHIELD.  We also give our first impressions of the new controller being put out by Valve in an attempt to weasel their way into our living rooms.  We also have another run at science and NASA.

In the studio this week:

  • Jesse D. Crichton
  • Edward Perry, III
  • Sebron
  • Tom Mottl
  • Bill Lange

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The MediaFiles Podcast – Episode 003: Bacon Bullets!

bacon bullets

It’s Episode Three of The MediaFiles Podcast!

In this episode, The MediaFiles discuss Daft Punk‘s new album Random Access Memories, Google Play, the fact that Edward Snowden just doesn’t matter, Minecraft, Bacon-based warfare, the Ouya vs. Project Shield and why you shouldn’t go out and see any movies right now (unless you like that sort of thing!)

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In the studio today are:
Jesse D. Crichton
Ryan Pease
Thomas Mottl
Ray Corsetti
Matt Turner

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