UPDATE Disney Listens: Leia toys coming to Disney stores!

As we mentioned in our podcast a few weeks ago, Disney had decided not to carry Princess Leia merchandise in their stores.

But the internet has spoken!

Uh, yeah, can I get one of these in ‘Princess Leia Buns’?

From a large out-pouring of fans being upset at Disney doing this, it was reported by TIME magazine yesterday that Disney has retracted this and will actually be selling Leia toys! You can read more here.

Good job, Disney, but remember, you should have done it in the first place and not have waited until you realized that Leia will make you bank.


A Force Majeure: Or why we should all be like Eddie Izzard

Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard taught me how to curse properly.

No, seriously.

At my most precocious phase I found that my parents would stay up on Saturday nights after the weekly movie on HBO and watch a comedy show or two. I never cared much for what they watched but then one day one comedy special started to rule their life. Every where we went it was, “Do you have a flag?” or, “CAKE OR DEATH?” and pre-teen Caitlin was confused as to what this meant, why it was funny, and what her parents were talking about. However, one day, one fateful day, my mom – taking pity on her home-from-school-sick-daughter – let me watch this comedy special, Dress to Kill. She asked me a few questions – did I know what a transvestite was? Yes, mom. Do you know what an ‘Executive Transvestite’ is? What? And my favorite – Do you know what the word… fuck … is? I glared at her, wondering if this was a trap, as she popped in a VHS recording of the special. Panicking about the times I had cursed on the playground for fun, wondering if somehow she had video of it, I realized that there was a man on TV with flawless makeup. He opened his mouth, began to speak, and within 10 minutes, I was crying I was laughing so hard.

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The MediaFiles Podcast Episode 017 – 2013 in Review

The podcast is back!

For this episode, the MediaFiles take a personal look back at 2013, and talk about where we’re all going in 2014.

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In the studio:

Trying out with no music at all this time…

The MediaFiles Podcast – Episode 014: Splintered Humanity Productions


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This was fun!  A few of us here at The MediaFile have been working on development of a game system for a long time!  It’s called Splintered Humanity and it’s the creation of Ray Corsetti, Matt Turner and others!

It sounds like an amazing, rich, and complex game world and system with a lot of promise!

We discuss the history of the setting, the factions/races, potential game products for the future and the Creative Commons model for getting this all done!

The MediaFiles Podcast: Episode 013 – What’s your game and who are you?

Great conversation this week, all about video games!  And drugs.  Seriously – if you’re a fan of old-school (pre-1999) games, you’ve got to listen to this!  Ever heard of Krokodil?

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In the studio:

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The MediaFiles Podcast – Episode 012: It’s PAT?

What a fantastic episode of The MediaFiles!

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In the studio today are:

And what a show it was!  Today we discovered ‘Nigga Turtles: Episode 1,’ we talk about the upcoming Spanish-language remake of ‘Breaking Bad’ called ‘Metastasis.’ and we asked Patrick “What Does the Fox Say?”

We also discuss whether or not it’s worth taking the risk of alienating part of your audience to explore potentially contentious and/or politically-charged topics.  It’s a great talk!  If you’ve been waiting to check out this show – this is the one you need to listen to!

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The MediaFiles Podcast: Episode 011 – Godzilla Should Go to Capitol Hill

This week the MediaFiles solve the government shitdown…  Err….  Shutdown.  We also talk 3D movies, ‘Gravity’ and even more Space Science!


  • Jesse D. Crichton
  • William “Silent” E. Lange
  • Thomas James Francis Mottl

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The MediaFiles Podcast: Episode 010 – Breaking Bad Steam Science

The MediaFiles Podcast has reached our tenth episode!

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A sincere thanks goes out to everyone who is listening.

This week, we gathered in the studio to talk about what’s happening on TV this fall, including Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother and Agents of SHIELD.  We also give our first impressions of the new controller being put out by Valve in an attempt to weasel their way into our living rooms.  We also have another run at science and NASA.

In the studio this week:

  • Jesse D. Crichton
  • Edward Perry, III
  • Sebron
  • Tom Mottl
  • Bill Lange

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The MediaFiles Podcast, Episode 008 – After GISHWHES

Churros Vs. Lightsaber!  Who wins?!

Churros Vs. Lightsaber! Who wins?!

So, The MediaFile has been very, very quite the past week or so.  That is because we have been participating in GISHWHES!  It was an intense, week-long, photo/video/randomactofkindness/worldrecordshattering experience!

It was amazing!  Truly amazing!  We had a great deal of fun!

Some pictures from the experience.

Some of the videos we made, too!

This week’s podcast is a few of us, mere moments after submissions closed for the week, telling some of the tales of abnosome (new word!) feats we accomplished!  There are no edits, and it may not make sense, but I hope it captures the feeling!

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