frickerIt is unknown if Fricker truly exists, is he a figment of your imagination or a monster of legend stalking the land in search of snack cakes.

The history of the Fricker is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, some claim he studied Electronic Imaging at The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth while others claim he is King Kong’s illegitimate love child with Godzilla. Ok, only he claims that but still he might be a Kaiju.

Jesse Crichton was able to tame the beast and in his great wisdom put him to work reviewing things, after many broken keyboards and rants decrying the evils of leprechauns Fricker has begun to figure out what he is doing.

His rating system is
Dear Lord Why?
Well that’s over.
Read / Watch It
and Here’s my Copy!

If you ever come in contact with the Fricker he likes snack cakes, sweet tea and cuddling.


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