RETRO Reviews – Star Trek: Enterprise; Broken Bow

Star Trek: Enterprise

Star Trek: Enterprise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For today’s Retro Review – we’re going all the way back to 2001!

I was never very interested in this series, but I recently went back and watched the pilot on Netflix.

Love Enterprise? Hate it?  Never saw it and aren’t sure what to think?  Check out my impressions below the cut!

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Star Trek: Into Darkness at LUDICROUS SPEED!!!

The much-anticipated sequel to J.J. Abrams 2009, pseudo-reboot of the Star Trek franchise is now two weeks behind us. I am still entirely underwhelmed by it.  Why is that? It was a fun movie, wasn’t it?  Sure it was!  The cast was great, weren’t they?  Absolutely! So, you must be one of those angry nerds that just hates everything, right?  No way!  I try to be  as forgiving and positive in my media assessments as possible!  So what’s the deal with Star Trek into Darkness?


Before I go any further, you should go see the movie.  Catch all the fun surprises and all the action-packed adventure.  To see why I think it’s so ludicrous; read on!

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