Review: 24: Live Another Day Episode 10 (8pm-9pm)


I just finished watching this week’s episode of 24: Live Another Day. Hit the jump to read the spoilerific review!



We start this week off with the usual recap, and then the first thing we see is Jack still in pursuit of Steve Navarro, the head of the London CIA branch who has betrayed just about everyone and stolen the override device used by Margot Al-Harazi to control the US drones in her earlier shenanigans. We found out last week that the device was actually created by Adrian Cross and his team. He has been Navarro’s contact the whole time. Last we saw Navarro, he had the device and was being pursued by Jack Bauer.

Jack gets a hold of Kate Morgan and lets her know about Navarro and his pursuit. Navarro is en route to deliver the device to Cross when Jack catches up with him. Cross instructs Navarro to take an envelope with everything he’ll need to escape and has him drop the device. The car that was promised to pick him up doesn’t show up, but before Navarro can properly react to his betrayal, Jack catches up and takes him into custody with TAC teams surrounding him. Cross in the meanwhile, is with Chloe O’Brien. He tells her that he plans to use the device to disseminate the weapon information of every countries weapons to all the others, effectively ending technological warfare as we know it. His team of super hackers have set up and are ready to get that information out. Jack manages to see Cross and chase him into the tube station, but catches up after the train is on the move. Cross stopped the train in between stops and escaped, basically ending any immediate pursuit of him. Jack heads back to CIA headquarters with Navarro while Erik Ritter and Kate arrive back at HQ. Kate tasks an analyst to see what Jordan was working on to find out whey Navarro had him killed.

At this point, things sort of seem to be wrapping up. The device is in the hands of Cross who appears to be doing something noble with it, but I wasn’t quite trusting of him yet. Jack was coming back with Navarro, and I knew that once Kate knew he was responsible for her husbands arrest and imprisonment, shit would hit the fan. And boy, it sure as hell did. She almost went ballistic when Navarro was brought in because it turns out that Kate did indeed find out Navarro sold her husband up the river. She went apeshit and if it weren’t for Erik, she probably would have killed him then and there. Jack goes to talk to her, and we find out a huge bomb:

Her husband hanged himself after a month in prison.

This whole time, you assumed he was just in jail on a life sentence and once this news came out, he’d be fine. Well…not so much. Jack decides to interrogate Navarro himself as he’s the only one who can fuck with him sufficiently. Navarro wants full immunity from the president for giving up the device’s location. Jack won’t play and breaks his hand, sending Navarro to the infirmary.

Now, in the meantime, we’ve seen the president’s chief of staff, Mark Boudrea still trying to get Jack to the Russians. He ends up giving them Jack’s com frequency so they can track him. Well…shit hits the fan and Mark finds out Jack is leading the teams to find Cross and tries to call off the Russians.

President Heller is getting ready to leave London and resign his presidency when he lands in Washington. He is then presented with the news of the lost device and decides to stay and see it out. Audrey and Mark argue, and later make up.

Back to Cross and Chloe…he’s told her what he plans, but it’s seeming more and more insidious as time goes on. Chloe decides to try and stop Cross by taking the device. She runs and flags down a trucker. Cross shoots out his window and he flees the scene, leaving Chloe to Cross’ ire.

Navarro, now in the infirmary is denied pain killers (lol). We see Kate walking towards the infirmary, gun drawn. She takes the pieces of the guards in the room and threatens to put a bullet in Navarro’s head. Jack shows up, pulls his gun on Kate and there’s a hell of a tense standoff. Navarro reveals that he put a tracker on the device and when Kate is about to blow his fucking head off, he gives up the code. Jack and Kate stand down and fist bump.

Well…they should have, anyway. It was a really well played tactic to get Navarro to give up his information. She then tells him that he’s going to be executed and she’ll be there to watch. Delightful! Using the data, they begin to narrow the search parameters for the device. Jack heads out with 3 TAC teams to find Cross. Mark Boudreau finds out that Jack is with the field team and freaks the hell out. He tries to call his Comrade to no avail.

Jack has a really great conversation with Kate about revenge and how it doesn’t make things better. He’s of course referencing Renee Walker from Season 8 and how it was his fault she was sniped by the Russians causing the most recent silent countdown in the shows history. 

Cross arrives at his hideout with Chloe only to find his entire team of super hackers dead or dying. It looks like they were violently killed. Then…and this was kind of a big fucking shocker: the Chinese show up. Not just any Chinese, mind you…it’s fucking Cheng Zhi.

Now, for those that don’t remember…Chloe recaps everything. :p He’s the asshole who had Jack taken to China and tortured for 18 months. He was later arrested and detained by his own government following the events of Days 5 and 6.

Cheng has Chloe try to reprogram the device back to it’s original configuration. She tries to put a virus in, but fails. However, she did give access to the device to the Chinese. Cross tells Chloe the truth about her husband and son. The accident they died in wasn’t an attempt on her life, but an actual accident. He didn’t tell her to keep her paranoid and on his side.

Jack and Kate are nearing the target when they broadsided by a mac truck. It took me about 2 seconds to realize it was the Russians. Jack and Kate kill the two in the truck and are being pursued by another car full of them. When last we see, Jack is engaged in a firefight with them.

The big shocker of the episode however is Cheng and his goons. After they gain access to the device, they send a message from the USS Massachusetts to a US nuclear sub. The order is to fire on a Chinese carrier that has been moving towards seas it should not be near, causing tensions. The order arrives to the sub, is verified and the attack is launched. The carrier is hit and looks like it’s on it’s way to the bottom of the ocean. The episode closes with Chloe choking back tears saying “Oh my god…”.

Yup. That about sums it up. That one event, caused by Cheng seems like it will set off World War III.


This was a solid episode. Like, REALLY solid. One of the best this season. They’ve all been good, but I think this one was exceptional. The scene in the infirmary, Navarro being abandoned by Cross, the reveal of Cheng, and of course the attack at the end. All were VERY powerful moments that had my mouth agape.

Next week is the last episode in this continuous time stream. 9pm-10pm, and then the last episode is 10pm-11am. I’m guessing there will be some trans-Atlantic flights involved. Just a theory, though.

Let me know what you thought of this episode and what you think will happen next week!



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