Review: 24: Live Another Day Episode 9 (7pm-8pm)


That was pretty much my response to this episode. Especially at about the 25 minute mark.

Spoilers Ahead

Let’s recap: Shit’s going down in London, Jack Bauer is there to stop everything. He seems to be doing pretty well so far. Last we saw, he dropped President Heller at Wembley Stadium to die via drone strike from Margot. While it appeared that the strike was successful, it wasn’t. Choloe managed to loop about 5 seconds of footage over and over again a la Speed like I mentioned in my last post. Margot had already ditched 5 of the 6 drones into the ocean when she thought that Heller was dead. He kept his word, and so would she. It was nice to see some shred of honor in a terrorist for once. Of course, when she realizes what happened and Heller is alive, she sends the final missile to attack Waterloo Station, a heavily occupied transit station. By this time, the CIA has shown up to Margot’s hideout and started an all out assault to get to her. Jack tries an alternate route to get in. When Jack finally manages to confront Margot and her son by rappelling off the roof (totally boss, btw), he drags her son out of the window and throws him down 5 floors to his splattery death. He then captures Margot and guides the missile safely into the Thames. He then turns to Margot and she espouses “Hundreds of people died today because of you and Heller! You think you’ve won, but this is ALL on your head!” to which Jack replies “The only death on my head tonight is yours.” and then he proceeds to defenestrate her! Also, how often do you get to use the word defenestrate?!?


Meanwhile, the police discover the body of Jordan. I was really hoping he wasn’t dead after his confrontation with the assassin that Steve Navarro sent after him. The assailants fingerprints get sent back to the CIA and Jack has a friend back in the States look it over. He finds out the guy was a former assassin under Navarro. By this point, Navarro had knocked an analyst unconscious and taken Margot’s override device for the drones. Turns out that it’s a general override device for just about any US defense system. Adrian Cross (Chloe’s hacker boss) told Navarro that he’d get him out of the country if he could bring him the override device. Jack catches onto Navarro just after he’s taken the device. After a tense chase through the guts of the CIA building, Navarro escapes and calls Cross to collect the device. In the interim, Cross has picked up Chloe and they seem to be cool again. So much so that at the end of the episode, we see Chloe and Cross kissing. No good will come of this.

I thought it was a fantastic episode. Doubly so because my theory about Heller was pretty spot on. Jordan’s death sucked. He was likeable and didn’t deserve to die. Fuck Navarro. I can’t wait for Jack to murder him.

I looked at the episodes for the rest of the season. There are only 3 more. The next two are real time, one hour episodes. The finale is listed as 10pm-11am. I have no idea what or how they’re going to do it. I’m sure it’ll involve Jack and the Russians somehow. It always does.


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