LOOTCRATE: June 2014

Caitlin Opens the CrateHere at The MediaFile, we were really excited yesterday to receive the June 2014 Loot Crate!  This month’s theme was ‘Transform’ and we were NOT disappointed!  If highly recommend signing up for these, and I want to share with you our unboxing experience.  I don’t want to spoil anything, if you haven’t gotten your yet, so check out the contents below the cut:20140619_174845

20140619_174901We were very happy to open up the crate and see another t-shirt, but we’re gonna save that one for last.  The first thing we opened up was a Major League Gaming wristband.  I’ve never really been a wristband kind of person, but MLG is pretty cool.  In fact, I’ve got some heavy lifting to go do this afternoon, so I think I’m gonna wear it.

20140619_175032Next up was a little figurine called a Loyal Subject.  I loved the packaging!  It reminded me of the Transformers toys I used to get as a kid.  We opened it up to find a Bumblebee figure.  Cool!  That goes up on the MediaFile shelf!

20140619_175052There was also a Transformers Nano Bumblebee.  To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what this is, but I’m just excited to have some cool-looking Transformers stuff to put on display!

20140619_175105There was an Autobots decal, and I can’t wait to put that on my car!  We also got some decals, Warheads candies and the June Loot Crate button.

20140619_175337Finally, however, was the centerpiece of the whole thing that made it all completely worth it!  The T-Shirt!  Some brilliant artist combined Back to the Future with classic Transformers and basically summed up more than half of my childhood in a single, brilliant red shirt!  So awesome!  Check it out!

Like what you see?  Want your own?  Please click here follow our referral link!  Enjoy!



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