LEGO welcomes female scientist minifigs!


Did you guys hear the scream of joy that resonated across New England today? That was me because LEGO announced their new project.

At first I was worried because I have been waiting for LEGO to decide to do a Doctor Who set so I can go completely bankrupt collecting things. However, that decision was not yet made, and will be sometime during the end of summer. Still, after today’s announcement, I am happy to inform everyone that at least one of my paychecks will go to acquiring the new set:


You can watch the announcement video here:

This is a huge deal. The minifigs that LEGO¬†have given us in the past that are female, are, well, terrible. They’re Barbie in block form. We actually discussed this on the Mediafile podcast a few weeks ago. (To listen to that podcast, go here.) LEGO has been trying to market to girls for a while but when they finally did, it was pink, and really not appealing. This is one of the reasons this set is fantastic! Not only are we bringing a classic LEGO design, but the characters featured will be positive role models for young girls. The set is due out at the end of summer this year.

Good job, LEGO, now take all my money…


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