Many of us were disheartened a few weeks ago when it was announced that NBC had decided not to renew Community for an additional season.

However, some rumors have come to light today that are pretty exciting!  It seems that Sony may be in talks to bring another 13-episode season of Community to Hulu.

This is really exciting!  Community was consistently a very impressively written and clever show.  Maybe too clever, since it didn’t get very high ratings, though the show’s following is very enthusiastic.  I’m going to keep this rather vague, to stay spoiler-free, but its history has been troubled, losing showrunner Dan Harmon for a season, which went rather poorly.  Then they brought him back the last season, which was clearly much stronger, but also struggled to rectify the mistakes of the previous one!

Hopefully, we’ll see the entire cast come back and we can have this series wrapped up in a much more satisfying manner.  Maybe, we’ll even get our movie…

Cool.  Cool, cool, cool.


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