So I’m out trying out some stuff for a project.  I was trying to make a hyperlapse video of walking up to the Pawtucket Armory, where the studio is located.

What is hyperlapse?  I’m sure this is your first question.

Hyperlapse is a time lapse video, that also has movement.  Normal time lapse is a camera set in one place and left to take pictures on it’s own.  Usually at intervals relative to what it is that you are trying to capture, so an ice cube melting might be one picture a second, setting up a room might be one picture every 6-8 seconds, a sunset might be one picture a minute, and seasons changing one picture a day.  Basically the idea is to really compress time down.

We can add movement to this, which creates an entirely new effect, because you have the time lapse, but the movement is typically very small, so it feels like the viewer is moving very slowly through a world that is moving and changing very quickly.  This is a very difficult thing to get right, since you must be very precise with not only how often you take pictures, but also how far you move between them.  Otherwise it’s very uneven and tough to watch.

This is kind of like the “Bullet Time” effect from the Matrix movies, except that instead of trying to slow down the sequence by having tons of extra frames to look at, we are trying to speed up the sequence by taking out lots of the boring stuff.


So it’s a nice day and I’m headed back outside to give this another try.
I suggest you all do get out there too.


– Tom


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