Computer Build – Day 5: The Case!

New Case!Well, one of the key components came in today.  The case!  I picked up a Rosewill Galaxy Mid-Tower ATX with Red LED fan for $50.

Because this came is, I was able to start the build.  You can check out how the installation of parts started below the cut:

IMG_3354The first thing I did was pull both sides of the case.  Rosewill included one of my favorite things.  The case screws on the back are made to be removed without tools.  So, that was easy.  However, I’ve had better cases in the past.  The side panels don’t attach to the chassis very easily – you just have to guess and hope that they’re catching right, and usually try a few times.  Cases I’ve built in the past have had nice, sturdy rails along the side to guide the side panels on.  But, hey – it’s black and lights up – those things used to cost quite a premium!

IMG_3355Next step was the motherboard.  The case already had stand-offs installed to fit the form factor of my mobo.  Excellent!  However, for previous builds I’ve done, I’ve been able to remove the plate that the mobo is mounted to, and do that work outside the case.  This time, I had to work inside the case, which was a little tedious and slowed me down, but I got it done!

IMG_3356After the mobo, comes the power supply.  That was easy!  Four screws in back and make sure the PSU fan is aimed down, through a vent that leads out the bottom of the case.  One of the nice things about this Corsair 750W power supply is that it uses a modular cable system.  I’ll get to run the cables I need, myself – when I’m ready to install them.

IMG_3357The next thing I installed was my Rosewill USB 3.0 everything card reader.  I got one in the 3.5″ size, so it fits in to the same size slot as an IMG_3359old 3.5″ floppy disk drive.  It looks okay in the case, but I wish it sat just a little further forward.  The way it, and the case, were designed, I have it pushed as far forward as it can go while still using all four screws.

IMG_3363After the card reader was my ASUS DVD burner, followed by my two Western Digital 1TB drives.  They all fit IMG_3367perfectly and easily.  I have the HDDs spaced out with space enough for another drive between them for a little extra airflow.  They also sit right next to the red glowy front case fan.

IMG_3371The final thing I installed was the RAM.  16GB of DDR 3 in slots 1 and 2, on channels A and B, respectively, to take advantage of the speedy system architecture.

Big stuff I’m still waiting for are the CPU itself, the video card and my primary display.  Once those come in I can install them and run all my cables.  Then we install Windows 8 and hope for the best,

Thanks for reading!  I’ll continue to keep you posted!


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