Computer Build – Day 2: The Parts Begin to Arrive

There’s not a whole lot to report today.  The parts I ordered (all through Amazon, incidentally – they had the best prices), have begun to arrive via UPS and FedEx!

IMG_3344As you can see, not much yet…


A set of Audio Technica professional studio monitor headphones.  It’s my first real set of over-the-ear headphones, and I must say, in the limited tests I’ve conducted so far, it turns listening into a whole new world.  I like these!  And they were only $40!

Also pictured is my PC power supply.  I opted for a Corsair 750 watt.  It has a bunch of fancy things like a silent running mode and some sort of bronze certification…  I honestly didn’t look to closely.  I mostly just wanted to make sure it would output enough power for all the other crazy stuff I’m getting.  I’ll have more to report during installation.

Not Pictured:

I also received some film production equipment today.  I got an 8′ handheld mic boom, a bunch of cables, and a Tascam DR-40 recorder.  If you’re into film-making or audio recording, you should totally look up the recorder.  It’s an awesome deal!

Anyway, my email says there’s a metric butt-load of parts coming in tomorrow, so there will be more to report then.


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