Losing Track of Time – New Videos!

Well…  Looks like the end of a semester of Grad School, combined with a Holiday season, really killed MediaFile productivity!

But, we haven’t been idle.  The final podcast of 2013 will be coming soon.

We’ve also been producing videos!  This, I think, is at the heart of where The MediaFile is going.  Video production.  It’s what I’m earning my Master’s degree in, and the following projects – even though they aren’t quite up to the standard I want to set for myself – earned me an ‘A’ in Electronic Media Production I (does that count as humblebrag?).  I hope you enjoy them, and if you do, please, please, please, ‘like’ and ‘share’ them around the social mediaverse!  And, tell us what you think!  🙂

There will be more work, forthcoming – perhaps under a slightly different label (I’m thinking either Three Rings Productions or Bucket Castle Studies or maybe some combination).

Anyway, without further ado:

Video 1:  An opening crawl in the mode of Star Wars, that will hopefully serve as the beginning of the second episode of Let’s Get Cookin’:

Video 2:  What of the novel House of Leaves were made in to a mini-series?  Here’s one vision for the opening title sequence of that series:


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