Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Reactions & Podcast

If you’re a Doctor Who fan and you watched the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, you might have noticed (if you were paying attention) that the writers did some very clever things and gave the fans several amazing gifts with this very special episode.

It truly takes a gifted writer to make epic, game-changing alterations to a series’ future AND PAST, without any terrible retroactive continuity gaffs.  But they pulled it off.  They changed the nature of the character.  They didn’t ruin any of the prior show content.  It was a masterful piece of sci-fi adventure television!

Please give our show a listen to hear about some of the things we are excited about.

A few of us from The MediaFile got together to watch it (along with an International simulcast!), and we recorded our reactions as a podcast!

Download it here!

Subscribe to the podcast here!

In the studio for this one:

  • Jesse Crichton
  • Ray Corsetti
  • Tom Mottl
  • Meg Crichton
  • Ed Perry III (via Skype)


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