Animation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s almost like I can do actual animation now!  My most recent adventure into Adobe After Effect CS6 was a chapter on animating a multimedia presentation.  It was a nice little project to work on, actually designed by a real illustrator and resulting in a respectable 10-second long animation.

I got to incorporate still images, videos and sound all together, and it was a blast to do!

Please keep reading below the cut for further details and the results of the tutorial:

So, what did I learn?  Here’s a list:

  • I animated object on several layers so they could pass in front of and behind each other
  • I learned that I can change the duration of a specific layer so that if an object moves off-screen it can simply disappear from the composition.
  • I can add a layer mask to a video, and include that in my composition – Video-ception!
  • I got to practice applying keyframes to objects, changing their positions, scales and rotation.
  • I animated the layers within a Photoshop file and added that to my composition.
  • I applied an effect to a solid layer (creating ‘radio waves’)
  • I added and looped some audio.

It was quite a lot!  And fun!  On to the next; here’s the results from this one:


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