Animated Text!!!

Wow!  What a powerful piece of software!  Today, I worked through the third chapter of the After Effects book.  This chapter dug just a little bit deeper into the software and guided me through some processes for animating text.

So what did I do for this one?  I got some more practice importing assets to work with, including video, an animated icon, a layered Photoshop file and Illustrator file.  I created a new composition with all of these elements.  I also created text with the tools in After Effects.  Click through the break to see what I made!

The animations were remarkably simple to create!  The software come with many animated presets that one simply needs to apply.  This includes a myriad of ways to fade text in or out of a composition, as well as animated paths for text or objects to follow.  Simply choose the element you want to animate, then double-click your favorite transition in Bridge!  From there you can set your keyframes and tweak just about any aspect of it you like.

Another (very important) concept covered in this chapter was parenting.  Basically, you can link object together in such a way that however you manipulate the parent object, the same thing happens to the child object.  Matching animations between two elements of a composition is simple!

There was one thing that got me really excited about the software (also a bit intimidated by the power of it!), and that is the fact that you can select just a part of a line of text – one character, even! – and independently animate those characters while they remain part of the original line of text.  The possibilities are endless!

Take a look at what made:


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