That Annoying Thing in the Corner

annoyI learned how to make them!

That was Chapter 2 in the After Effects book.  It was still a very simple chapter, but, like I said before, when learning something new I like to start off slow.

So what did I learn in the second chapter of the book?  Well, they reinforced the concept of following an established workflow, as well as covering how to include Adobe Bridge as part of your workflow.  They covered how to place files from Adobe Illustrator into a composition as graphical elements and how to add text (again!).  As you can see below, I also got to play with a couple more animation effects with keyframes to have items in my composition fade in and out at different times.

The most interesting concept I learned in this chapter was that I can select several elements in a composition and group them as a sort sub-composition…  The term in the software is ‘pre-compose.’  This way I can apply an effect to a pre-determined group within a composition without affecting the rest of the composition.  Pretty cool!

Here’s the result:

On to the next!


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