What I Learned Today

I have decided to add Adobe After Effects to my skillset.  I am going about this by using Adobe’s own training manual Adobe After Effects CS6 Classroom in a Book.  I’ve had great success with one of these books before – the Illustrator one is fantastic!  Find out how it went below the cut!

I just finished the first chapter.  It gives a great overview of what the software does and what all the various things in the workspace are.  The book also provides sample files, so you don’t have to supply any of your own original assets to work with, you just use what they give you and edit from there.

Most of this early material was basically review…  I’ve done video editing before and I’ve been working with Adobe products for years.  Regardless, I find it useful to start fresh with new software.

I got to practice importing files (not only videos, but a Photoshop file as well!) into my project and then placing them in a composition.  I duplicated layers and applied preset effects.  I created a blur and animated some text.  It was fun!  I can’t wait to see what this software can do!  Very soon, we’ll be using this software for original MediaFiles projects.

Here’s the final product of the first chapter:


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