Fricker’s Corner TV Show Review : Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


So like many other comic book nerds I watched the premier of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last night and came away wanting more from the show. I had hyped myself up so much for it, hell it’s Joss Whedon it would have to be amazing right? Only it didn’t blow me out of my seat, I wasn’t left crying that the show ended and I would have to wait another week to see what happens next like I did back when Heroes was still being produced. (Editor’s Note:  Remember the first two seasons of Heroes?  It had a REALLY strong start! -JDC)  It wasn’t terrible, just to easy to see where the show was leading the audience.

The fact is besides Firefly, Joss Whedon’s television shows have always been easy to figure out where they were going during an episode. It was an entire season, the entirety of the plot that always hit you. Joss tells a great story, he knows where he is going and what it will take to get there. His shows also have payoffs when you re-watch them, as things he put in to hint at what was happening and where it was going are easy find. It’s why nerds have a crush on him, and also one of the reasons why many of us will be let down by that first episode from last night.

We expected too much, we wanted too much. The fact is comics and their characters aren’t just for nerds anymore, and in a way that saddens me. I enjoy the fact these things that I love are being made into movies, at the same time I get upset when they change things about a character just to make it easier for the greater public to understand what is going on. I remember leaving Iron Man 3 enraged at the audacity that they would piss on and ruin Iron Man’s number one villain the way they did; but if I didn’t know anything about the Mandarin I would have thought it was brilliant. Being a fan of comics in today’s age is a form of masochism, because you know going to see the movie will cause you pain no matter how good it is.

So after the first episode ended I was underwhelmed; feeling like a kid on Christmas who just received socks and boxers. Was this really what I waited months for? did I put off plans to go have fun for that? I had been hoping, expecting Luke Cage and instead I got some guy injected with Extremis. The version from the movie that has connections to A.I.M. Not the one from the comics that has nothing to do with A.I.M. There is the possibility that it could still be a new take on Cage’s origin story since Skye deleted all his information leaving the possibility that his new identity could be Luke Cage, which I would really like.

It was when I read someone’s comment comparing it to one of those crappy CSI shows that I realized the show wasn’t terrible. Since it blows that crap out of the water. Agents isn’t that bad, the reason why I and so many fellow nerds where angry was because the show wasn’t made for us, it’s hard to admit but we are not the target audience for the show. It pains me but this is a show based on things I love that isn’t being made for me, and that might be for the best.

Before X-Men 3 came out, and we all knew it was going to deal with the Phoenix I was salivating. I really wanted to see how they handled the Shi’ar, only they didn’t touch on that and gave us that garbage. This happened because the general public would have been confused about why aliens where in the X-Men movie, you would have needed some way to explain all these little things that exist in the Marvel Universe to do that movie justice but at the time there was no way to do so, now there is.

Agents of Shield is Joss Whedon looking at the big picture and knowing that something he wants to do with the Avenger’s franchise down the road is going to confuse the shit out of the general public. This could mean Avengers 3 or 4 will be dealing with Skrulls. How do you get the general public okay with the idea of shape shifting aliens that steal DNA to make their race more powerful?  You make a three or four episode arc in Agents of Shield, hell you might even be able to explain S.W.O.R.D. Which if you remember was first introduced in a comic written by Joss Whedon.

The fact is Joss has a plan, and as Buffy, Angel and Firefly/Serenity has shown us the payoff is worth it. (Editor’s Note: Serenity was NOT worth it! – JDC) Agents is all about setting up the films, making it possible to do things in the movies that we the nerds want. It’s tossing a softball to the general public so they can learn the rules making the real fan able to enjoy the big game without interruptions.

So did I enjoy the first episode? Yes  – but not as much as I wanted. It was solid, but the anticipation made the fact that the pilot wasn’t mind blowing feel like a let down. I give it a “Meh” I can’t in good conscious from what I’ve seen so far tell you that this is the show to watch this year, the pilot just didn’t do it for me. The disappointment over the show not blowing my mind though has left me with the belief that the show is going to build up to something worth the wait, and, as a fan, I’m sure as it goes on things I love will be introduced. I can’t wait to see if there will be a showdown between A.I.M. and Hydra, I would be really happy if they added in Bob, Agent of Hydra even if Fox has the rights to Deadpool.

Don’t quit on Agents of Shield, the pilot of Buffy wasn’t that great but the season built up into something great, give the show time. If, by December, it hasn’t caught on that’s when I think we can say it sucks.

P.S. The show to watch is Sleepy Hollow, holy shit it kicked some major ass.


One thought on “Fricker’s Corner TV Show Review : Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  1. So after talking to a friend of mine it turns out Mike Peterson is in fact a character in the Marvel Universe just a rather obscure one. I will give you a hint, New Warriors and to make it even easier on you Slapstick.

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