Fricker’s Corner Book Reveiw : The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss

Life got busy, trying to find the motivation to sit down and write a review was difficult. Since my last review I have gone through five books, The Name of the Wind being the most recent with about 40 pages left to go. The thing is I’m dreading finishing it, because I don’t have the second novel in the series waiting for me to dive right into, it’s like watching all the episodes of a series on Netflix and then knowing more is coming but you have to wait. I just want to start breaking shit in anger and annoyance, why must I wait for that which should already be mine.

Now I could fire up my Kindle and just buy a digital copy and not deal with the madness that grips me when I’m engrossed in a story but am unable to continue due to lack of media. I won’t though, the kindle and other things like that are awesome but they are not books. Nothing beats the feeling I get when I finish a book and then place it in a bookcase. Sometimes I stare at the books already there and remember all the different lives, places and adventures that are just sitting there waiting for me to enjoy in the future. I use my kindle to get stories that haven’t been published yet, that I read when traveling.

So 40 pages left, the sequel not in my to read pile and this anger that I hadn’t known about the series before now have me chomping at the bit. The third book in the series isn’t even out yet, I just want to bang my head against the desk in outrage, because I love this story so much that having to wait to continue feels like punishment for some outrageous crime. Patrick Rothfuss has created a world I just want to wander in, there is so much I want to know and all I can think is what everyone keeps telling the main character Kvothe “be patient.”

If you hadn’t already figured it out I love this book, the author has weaved an amazing narrative with an protagonist that I really enjoy. The first few chapters where slow, but unlike other novels that take an excessive amount of time to warm up I saw where it was going like the clinking sound as your ascending the first hill of a rollercoster. I had things I wanted to get done yesterday, instead I read almost 400 pages and felt exhausted by the time I forced myself to turn off the light and get to sleep.

The story is about Kvothe, who is thought of as a legend with the tales of his adventures known throughout the land. Of course no one knows the true story, of what really happened and so when a man known as The Chronicler arrives wanting to write down his story the truth finally starts to come out. It’s the story of how a boy became something more.

Now the question is will you like it? If you enjoy a good fantasy tale, different takes on magic and finally writing that is done very well then it is highly likely. I rate it as “Here’s my Copy!” The Name of the Wind is a book that I think everyone that loves fantasy should try to read.

The other books I have read recently where

The Way of the Wizard – an anthology of stories about wizards and magic, with some great authors lending their talents. I gave it a “Dear Lord Why?” Besides my copy being misprinted most of the stories were boring and made me regret spending fifteen dollars on the book.

The Saint of Dragons – By Jason Hightman – A young boy learns he is from a long line of dragon slayers, and he must join his father to take on his families duties. I give the story a “Meh” it was okay, not mind blowing or earth shattering. It was like candy, no substance but you still like it.

The Lies of Locke Lamora – Scott Lynch – I feel bad not having written a full review of this book, but life got hectic. I give it a “Read it” the book was great, and had an amazing prologue, so when the first few chapters fell off and took their time building back up I was a little disappointed. It’s a story about a thief who cons nobles out of their coin, really fun story that has a lot to offer.

Gods and Monsters : Unclean Spirits – Chuck Wendig – In the same vain as American God’s by Gaiman, gods and spirits are real and our main Character works for one. From there shit turns more urban fantasy than road journey. I gave it a “Meh” the story is good, but not mind blowing but the ending was a let down as it just fizzled out.

P.S. The Kingkiller Chronicle has been option by 20th Century Fox for a television series, if you didn’t know that’s the name of the series The Name of the Wind is a part of.


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