Weekly ‘Top Gear’ Roundup; Series 20, Episode 05

Another weekend has come and gone, and with it; another episode of Top Gear.

I’m a huge fan of Top Gear, as well as all three of the presenters.  But, this is the first time I feel like the show is getting just a little too formulaic.  It’s probably not their fault.  They’ve been doing this for 20 seasons!  There are only so many classic cars to praise (or destroy!) and it might even be that this is a boring time in motoring.  But they’re trying.  I just wish they had more films this series that had a little more meat and a little less splashy footage of supercars going superfast!  That said; I still love watching Top Gear and the quality of the show’s photography and editing has been more beautiful than ever!

This wasn’t a bad episode, and even had me laughing at a few points.  I’m really looking forward to next week (those of you in the UK have already seen it and I hear it’s a very touching tribute to British manufacturing), and you can check out my thoughts on this week below the cut!

It was Lambo week on Top Gear!  Lamborghini invited Hamster down to Italy to review a couple of their new cars.  It was typical supercar fare, but one of them really caught my attention!  It’s called the Sesto Elemento (or Sixth Element), and it’s a gorgeous piece of engineering.  Nearly everything in the car is made of Carbon (Atomic number 6…  See what they did there?).  I do mean everything.  Body.  Frame members.  Seats.  Wheels.  It’s all some variation on carbon fiber.  The car isn’t even painted!  Instead they have embedded colored metallic flake into the plastic-carbon fiber body parts.  It’s beautiful.  You’ve got to see it!  And it is fast!

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler was the Star in the Reasonably Priced car.  He was an okay guest.  Typical aging rock star.  He seemed sober, which is a vast improvement over most of his appearances (that I’ve seen!).  He has a lot of nice cars and bikes that Clarkson shares pictures of, but it’s a waste because Tyler can not drive to save his life!

Between the Labos and the aging rock star, Mister Slowly and Jezza made a film that (ONE AGAIN) makes fun of caravaners.  I can’t blame them.  I don’t understand them either.  I guess in this country we’d call them RV campers, and I just don’t understand!  RVs are big and slow and expensive, expensive, expensive!  Why go camping if you’re just going to bring your house with you!?  At least caravans don’t cause the same problems in the US as they do in the UK.  Our roads are wide, and so is our country.  It’s a damn shame our butts are following suit…  But at least the caravaners don’t get in out way every weekend like they (apparently) do around London.

Clarkson and May set off to discover what the best typical tow-car is for you RV/camper/caravan…  They chose a couple and put them through a series of rather meaningless tests, though they do end up making some great jokes about the typical behavior of caravan people.  They ultimately decide to test their caravan tow-cars with a race!  Big surprise!  But it was funny!

And they got to destroy some caravans.  And on that bombshell – more next week!


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