The MediaFiles Podcast, Episode 007: Doctor… WHO?

This week’s episode is entirely UNCUT! and hardly even edited!

We’re trying out the whole Skype-thing…  We’ll get it soon.  This wasn’t too bad!

Also – I mention an actor that played an WHO Doctor in World War Z…  It turns out he IS the 12th Doctor, but we recorded this before the announcement!

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This week, we:

  • Speculate on the 12th Doctor
  • Rave about B-Movies and Sharknado!
  • Open a studio!
  • We ask “What is your dream sequel?”

In the studio today are:

Jesse D. Crichton
Ryan Pease
Tom Mottl
Ed Perry III

Please let us know what you think, in the comments!  🙂

Intro and outro music generously provided via Creative Common by:
Dan-O at


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