Whose Line Is It, Anyway?

Did you know that Whose Line Is It, Anyway? has come back?

I didn’t either!  But it has – Monday nights on the CW!

Now, I can already hear you…  ‘Who cares!’ and ‘The American versions sucks!’

Fair enough.  But hear me out.

I think they may have fixed it!  Interested?

I can still remember discovering the original Whose Line.  We never had cable TV when I was growing up, but whenever I had the chance I would go to a friend’s house to see what was on!  Those early days of Comedy Central were fantastic, and this was one of the things I discovered at the time.  It was awesome!

Years later they brought it to network television.  They kept many of the same performers, and the US fell in love with Wayne Brady!  There two were problems, though.

Problem #1, it was on American network television.  The commercial breaks came to frequently.  American audiences are generally pretty dumb – or are at least treated that way!  I’m pretty sure the network had them tone down the material from the old BBC days.  They weren’t so raunchy, they didn’t swear…  It was just too damned wholesome!

Problem #2…  Drew Carey.  I don’t mind Drew Carey.  I actually find him fairly entertaining and pretty funny.  I enjoyed his sitcom back in the 1990s.  But he just was NOT funny on Whose Line and they featured him WAY too often!

The new Whose Line Is It, Anyway? fixes those problems.  It’s no longer on one of the big networks.  The comedy is smarter, more creative, they curse (even Wayne Brady!) and they have no problem getting into darker or more raunchy subject matter!  The new host is Aisha Tyler.  She’s not very entertaining, herself, but all she does is read the cards and let the talent do their thing.

Who’s the talent, anyway?  Well, so far, they’ve aired two episodes.  It looks like they’re going to do two every Monday for a few weeks.  They both featured Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Wayne Brady.  The fourth person has been different each time (but nobody I’ve heard of).  They’re also bringing in a celebrity guest to come in and help out, where in the past they would get audience volunteers.  So far they had some kid from Glee and Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead.

I have to admit…  I LOLed….  It was actually funny.  You should tune in and check it out!


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