Weekly ‘Top Gear’ Roundup; Series 20, Episode 02

This week was what I like to call a ‘filler’ episode.  It was an entertaining hour for sure, but my favorite episodes have the really long films where the presenters go on a journey through some foreign land, we get to meet one of The Stig‘s cousins, and hijinks ensue.

The basic rundown of the second episode was:

  • A supercar review
  • Another supercar review
  • A Star in the Reasonably Priced Car
  • The News
  • A small race
  • Determination of what country has the best cabs…  In the world!

Click through to for my impressions:

Clarkson got to review not just one really fast car, but two!  Honestly, neither one seemed ‘important’ enough for me to remember the details…  But the first one was called the Mono.  It is an open-top track day car in the same vein as the Ariel Atom.  Clarkson finally smartens up and puts on a crash helmet to keep his face from being ripped off by the wind!  It’s a beautiful machine…  It may even be perfect (for what it is), but we’ve seen it before!  I don’t want to spoil anything, but The Stig’s speed lap in the Mono is not to be missed!

Jeremy Clarkson also got the chance to respond to a ‘Mealy-mouthed’ viewer complaint that there is ‘no point’ to their supercar reviews because there is no place in Britain where you can utilize such a car to full effect.  He does say by taking a Ferrari ‘just 40 miles from London’ to Hertfordshire…  Or so he claims…  Close (or not so close, depending on how well you know the UK) viewing will reveal that he was actually in the Highlands of Scotland!  I’m not sure if that was a lie or a joke, but the point is, he got to enjoy the car fully, within Britain.

The Star in The Reasonably Priced Car – the first proper segment with the new Reasonably Priced Car – was Ron Howard.  He gave an excellent review with Clarkson and showed the trailer for a new movie he has coming out about Formula 1 racing.  It looks like a really fun movie, but (sot-so-spoiler alert!) Ron Howard cannot race!

Richard Hammond’s film was more typical Top Gear filler fare…  He proposed to determine what nation had the best taxi cabs…  In the world!  The obvious choices are the London black cabs and the New York City yellow cabs, but there were some surprises in there like the Mexico City Beetles and the Russian stretch limo cab (probably a joke put in place just for the carnage!).  Of course, the best cab in the world must prove its mettle in the crucible of motorsport.

The most interesting segment was actually James May’s…  And he didn’t even have a car!  He pitted two ‘freestyle runners’ (parkour!) against a motocross bike through a former BCC office!  It was very exciting!  A surprise from Captain Slow – so, on that bombshell…

It was typical, but lackluster…  But, as always, I can’t wait for the next!


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