Fricker’s Corner Show Review – Orange is the New Black

Netflix is a bunch of jerks! I say this because the next season of this show wont come out until 2014 and they left with a crazy cliffhanger that has me biting my nails like a school girl. Obviously this show rocked, and though I am filled with rage over having to wait for the next season to drop I do know there will be another season. So if you didn’t know, Orange is the New Black is the latest Netflix exclusive episodic show that was released in its entirety on July 11th 2013; Based on the memoir of Piper Kerman with the same title. They put together a great cast and really pulled me in, I watched all 13 episodes in 3 days…

The premise of the show is that the main character Piper Chapman had all this good stuff going for her when the past catches up with her, a past which involves smuggling drug money for her ex-girlfriend. So Piper has a 15 month prison sentence to get through, and her uptight good girl upbringing doesn’t help her to fit in. Hell, she keeps screwing things up and makes the situation worse, which sounds a lot like another show by the same creator Jenji Kohan, Weeds.

What really makes this work is the casting of the other inmates, my favorite by far is the Russian kitchen manager “Red” played by Kate Mulgrew. Yup, Captain Janeway is a hard-nosed convict who doesn’t put up with people bad-talking her food. Laura Prepon plays Alex the ex-girlfriend drug dealer whose also serving time at the prison. Other notable cast members include Natasha Lyonne, Michelle Hurst, Taryn Manning and Jason Biggs. If you don’t know who Michelle Hurst is go watch Airheads from 1994, she plays Yvonne.

They include flashback scenes here and there to show who these women where before they wound up in prison and why they are inside. It’s a really well put together show, each episode you can see how Piper is affected by her time in prison, the best is when she has a conversation with a scared straight kid that leaves the kid crying and the other inmates calling her harsh with he replying “Bitches gotta know!” I found that hilarious.

So the question once again is who are the people who will like this, and I believe there is enough drama and laughs to be had that almost everyone will enjoy themselves. So I would rate Orange is the New Black a “Here’s my Copy” since if I had a copy I would let my friends borrow it just to make sure they watch it. So if you don’t have Netflix I believe it’s time to get yourself a subscription if you do and haven’t watched the show yet get on it.

Editor’s Note: Thanks, Fricker, for another great review!  Netflix usually offers a free week or two to new subscribers (no strings attached), so that may be a good way to scope out some of their new original content.


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