“Let’s Do Diaries”

A quick cool thing and a site update…

River Song (Doctor Who)

River Song (Doctor Who) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, folks, the first few weeks of this site have been fun.  I’ve learned a lot already, and I really, really appreciate the follows, listens, likes, and comments!  Trying to run a blog, start a podcast and do it all around two other paying jobs and the rest of life is a challenge!

Anyway, I’m packing up to head up to Mount Washington in NH for a few days.  There is no podcast this week, and the site will be pretty quiet.  Thanks again – we’ll be back in full force on Monday or Tuesday!  (Maybe sooner if any of my other contributors want to jump in over the weekend…  hint…  hint…)

I leave you with this, in case you haven’t already seen it.  After the cut you will find a very handy infographic if you happen to be a Whovian.  For fans of Doctor Who, this illustrates the order of appearances of River Song from her perspective, from the Doctor‘s perspective and in actual chronological order!  I think it’s pretty cool.  Graphic is after the cut – Enjoy!

Image credit goes to someone I only know as dpXEG…  If you can give me better info for image credit, please pass it along!



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