The MediaFiles Podcast Episode 2!

It’s Episode Two of The MediaFiles Podcast!

In this episode, The MediaFiles discuss Intel TV, Kickstarter, try NOT to discuss E3, and end with a bit on the multiplayer sim, Eve Online.

And you get to listen to the whole thing devolve to nonsense due to Junior Johnson’s Blackberry Moonshine!

In the studio today are:

  • Jesse D. Crichton
  • Ryan Pease
  • Thomas Mottl
  • Ray Corsetti
  • Ming Chan

Get the podcast here:

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Music generously provided via Creative Commons by:
Dan-O at


3 thoughts on “The MediaFiles Podcast Episode 2!

  1. Wish I could have been there. I covered Intel pushing to get into communications in my masters class a couple years ago. Quite an impressive company with bold ideas.

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