Production Diary #002 – Moonshine

The Moon shines East!
The Moon shines West!
But, in my cellar the moonshine’s best!


We here at The MediaFile just had a fantastic time recording episode two of The MediaFiles!  Unofficially brought to you by Junior Johnson’s Moonshine…

Up for discussion tonight was the future of broadcast television as Intel enters the fold, as well as who does or does not have the right to Kickstart their project.  We tried to discuss E3, but mostly we just decided we were already tired of hearing about it.  We also would like to know what your killer app of 2014 will be!

Keep checking back to hear the actual podcast in a couple of days!


One thought on “Production Diary #002 – Moonshine

  1. Sebron here, I made a goof during this podcast I want to correct before all the 10’s of comments get mad at me. I had said The Elder Scrolls Online had not been announced for anything but PC. This was wrong. The day we recorded, the new gameplay footage from E3 went up and I missed it. At the end of this trailer it is noted that ESO will be available cross platform. Sorry for the mix-up. >.<

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