Xbox One vs. PS4 – Side by Side


The debate has raged since Microsoft first announced the Xbox One a couple of weeks ago.  Objectively, I think that, though many of us here at The MediaFile are professed Xbox fanboys, there are legitimate arguments on both sides of this console war.

Fortunately for us, deviantART user yamamoto114 compiled a side by side comparison.

It’s a pretty long list, so check it out after the cut!

It looks like the two systems are essentially equals, tech wise.  The price difference seems to come down to the Kinect.  The Xbox offer more features, but is also more heavy-handed in regards to licensing.

Judge for yourself, but here’s what I (STILL 🙂 ) have to say.  Regardless of the restrictive licensing policies that Micro$oft is intending to impose, they still hold all the cards when it comes to exclusive titles and the Xbox One-enabled Xbox Live experience, coupled with the power of Microsoft’s cloud computing model will offer a FAR richer gaming experience! The gut reaction of the loudest of angry nerds has been against the Xbox, but I think time will tell, and the Xbox experience will still win.

Who knows?  I also thought HD-DVD was going to be the superior format over Blu-Ray… 

But you don’t have to take my word for it!  Read the chart!  What do you think?


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