Fricker’s Corner Movie Review: This is the End

Kirk Cameron is likely crying in a corner right now, asking how Seth Rogan can get more funding than he can for a movie based on Revelations. The biblical end of days has never held my attention for this length of time before. If you already can’t tell I enjoyed this movie, so it served the purpose of entertaining me. Now the real question is “Will this movie entertain me Fricker?”

This is fifth motion picture that Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg have written together, and feels like the third part in the Superbad and Pineapple Express series. If you enjoyed those films this one is right up that alley; with the actors playing caricatures of themselves. It’s like playing a role playing game where everyone is a stoner during the end of the world with a lot of dick jokes. Of course, it took awhile and witnessing the horrors of the apocalypse to convince most of the characters what was really going on.

Of course This is the End wont win awards, it’s a popcorn movie. If you don’t know what that is a popcorn movie is one that you take your seat, shutdown your brain and munch on a snack while you watch. I just don’t think you should take your kids though, but heck that’s up to you. There’s a lot of drug use, swearing and penises. The themes in this movie are adult, some conversations break down to bodily fluids and what the character will do with them. There is also a rape scene; it’s more Evil Dead tree rape than brutal I Spit on Your Grave rape; however, rape is still rape.

Not everyone is going to enjoy this movie, movies like all things have a target audience. I am part of that target audience and found it to be hilarious. So if you can handle a dead baby joke and some dick jokes I think you should put down your cash and get a ticket because I give the movie a “Watch It”. The only part that disappointed me was the lack of an Easter egg at the end. I could see a sequel that furthers the story based on revelations coming from at some point.

Final thought and spoiler for a different movie, if Kevin Smith had gone with the Revelations ending idea for Red State which would I like more?


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