The Evolution of ‘Get Lucky’

This is interesting.  Daft Punk’s new album, Random Access Memories, has gotten a lot of attention since its release a few weeks ago.  Back in the 1990s, Daft Punk created and defined the genre of Electronic Dance Music (EDM).  Why did they do that?  Because nobody else did?  It was the music they wanted to hear.  It was the music of their moment.  This most recent album is the same thing – it’s an album that nobody else is making.  It’s music in a style that they had to create in order to listen to.  It steps away from their roots in EDM, but still serves to further define what Daft Punk really is.  Love it or hate it, Random Access Memories is certainly interesting!

The most popular track on the album is definitely Get Lucky.  French Youtuber PV Nova is using it to create a really fun project!  He has re-imagined Get Lucky as it would have sounded through several decades back through the early 20th century and what’s your help in creating the final video!  Check out how it sounds after the cut!


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