Abrams Talks Star Wars

Oh, Gods, the flares!  THE FLARES!

Now that the hub-bub about JJ Abrams (I STILL say extremely flawed!) Star Trek sequel is beginning to die down, here comes the next two and a half years of speculation and rage over his Star Wars Episode VII!

We can  all complain about the minutiae of these things, but in the end we should be happy.  We get MORE STAR WARS!!!  This is thrilling!  At this rate, we’ll never have to grow up!

So what’s the news?  Just a couple of minor items…

  1. JJ is moving himself and his family to the tradition filming location of all Star Wars films – London – by the end of this calendar year.  This is awesome, because that means work will officially begin early next year.
  2. When asked about whether or not he’ll be using material from the Star Wars Expanded Universe of novels, he said that it will be important to “honor” them without “revering” them.  Now that’s interesting…

What does JJ have up his sleeve for us and our space battles? err…  cosmos conflicts?  Star Wars.  🙂


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