Production Diary: New Podcast, Day 1

Where it's at!  I got my laptop and a microphone...

The Blue Yeti

As the first storm of the season (Tropical Storm Andrea) bears down on the Eastern Seaboard, we here at The MediaFile are very excited to begin a new project.  In the coming weeks we will be posting a series of first episodes for new podcasts.

What’s in store?Tonight, we hope to sit down for two roundtable-discussion style shows:

  • The MediaFiles – a group chat show about all the topics you are likely to see on the website
  • Bill & Patrick’s Power Hour – Bill and Patrick put their own, unique (and probably offensive spin) on popular culture.  Topics will range to everything from My Little Pony through the Third Reich!  Explicit and not for the easily offended!

In the coming weeks, we hope to add more.  It will depend on all of you.  Who can make it here to contribute and be part of a show?  Which shows will you download, listen to and enjoy?  Can we get enough of you to support us that we can get sponsors, and thus the ability to add production value?  We’ll see, won’t we…

What’s in store for today?  The studio needs to wrap up a logo design project and then the recording studio must be prepped.  Right now, we have a basement full of…  well…  Stuff.  Lots of stuff.  The stuff and boxes and stuff need to be moved, and a relatively cozy set of tables, chairs and lights need to be set up.

How will we be recording?  It’s pretty bare-bones.  We have one Blue Yeti USB mic that will be feeding into Audacity on a laptop computer.  The Blue Yeti has a rep as the ‘King’ of USB microphones and has multiple modes, including an omnidirectional that is supposed to be pretty ideal for this type of recording.

Can’t wait to start producing content for all of you!


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