Xbox One Controller: If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

If Micro$oft is handling even one part of the Xbox One correctly, it may just be the controller.

Xbox has a good history with controllers.  They had a misstep with the original Xbox controller – the one my friends and I jokingly referred to as ‘The Hamburger’ due to its shape and girth.  They quickly repaired that by issuing the Controller S, which moved around some of the buttons and greatly decreased the size.

The Xbox 360 controller was nearly identical to the S, but it’s wireless and they moved the buttons around again, just a little bit.

And now, we have the Xbox One

This controller, again is nearly identical to the Xbox 360 controller, which is pretty close to perfect, IMHO.  So what’s different?  In a nutshell:

  • Battery compartment is tucked out of the way
  • Buttons are closer together and require less effort to move
  • More precise haptic feedback (vibration)
  • Charges via a standard micro-USB (FINALLY)

AND the kicker:

  • It uses IR reflection to be detected by the Kinect, so the Xbox just knows who is holding which controller and where that person is seated in the room so that it can automatically place your split-screen view in the optimal corner as well as putting the controller into a low-battery standby mode if it sees you get up and leave the room! (What a mouthful!)

These little details are what really get me excited.  They are clearly not trying to revolutionize the controller – why bother?  The controller is a nearly-perfected piece of hardware.  The next big thing will be no controller after this!


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