Xbox One: Justifiable Nerd-Rage or the Future of Entertainment?

Hello!There has been quite a lot of nerd-rage over the last week or so regarding the Xbox 720 One.  But, I suppose that is the expected response these days.  People just seem to not like change.  Nevertheless, the future continues to come, and the latest instance of that is the upcoming hardware release from Microsoft.

One of the Microsoft bigwigs recently interviewed with USA Today to discuss what’s up with the Xbox One.

You can read the whole article here, but this is my takeaway on three key issues.

 The Xbox One is a silly name.

That’s all.  It’s a silly name, not a bad name.  Microsoft’s naming conventions are actually pretty well-thought-out.  The Xbox comes from their DirectX.  It was supposed to be a DirectXbox for video.  Then came the Xbox 360; named for the idea that it would fully encompass all of your entertainment – games, movies, music, etc… – in a 360 degree arc!  And soon, we’ll have the Xbox One; intended to be the ‘one’ (see what I did there?) box that commands your entire home theatre.  It’s ambitious, but it represents a consistent long-term vision.  I like that.

The Kinect is spying on me!

Well…  That depends on how well you buy-in to conspiracy theories.  It is true that the Xbox One is always on, and the Kinect is an integral part of the system.  However, the official party line of Microsoft is that when you put the One (can I call the the One?!) into what they call ‘low power mode’ the only active part of the Kinect is the mic and it is only listening for you to give the ‘power on’ command.

I can’t play old games!

Okay, this one’s technically true.  We are a spoiled generation of gamers.  The PS2 and the Xbox 360 gave us the false impression that it’s no big deal to just pop an old game in a brand-new system and start playing.  The reality is that hardware emulation is exceedingly difficult and can be very expensive!  A new system is about looking forward, not backwards.  Besides, if I want to play an old game, I’ll just set up the old box.  Problem solved.  As for the used game market.  Micro$oft has assured us that the used game market is not going away!  They are arranging things so that the creators, publishers and distributors of games get a cut of the money in that very lucrative market.  And, quite frankly, if the people who actually made the game are getting paid, then I am happy to contribute to that.  Right now, whenever we buy a used game, as far as the original studio is concerned, it’s no better than piracy!

There’s certainly much, much more to be said about the One, and I’m sure there will more announcements to come very soon.  For now, I’m very excited about what I’ve seen, and I can’t wait to see how they integrate my favorite shows, movies and everything else into this experience!


One thought on “Xbox One: Justifiable Nerd-Rage or the Future of Entertainment?

  1. Backwards comparability is a relatively new concept in gaming. Go put a NES cart in your SNES and tell me it’s backwards comparable. Everyone got spoiled by ***ONE GENERATION*** of systems that could do it. No complaints here.

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