Podcast Episode 25 – Callin’ the Hogs!

paxWe got together at the conclusion of PAX East to talk about it with someone who was there, as well as trying out the Raz-Ber-Rita and just having a good time.  Note well: tequila does NOT help!  We also welcome our new friend, Caitlin Howle to the podcast.



In the studio:

  • Jesse
  • Tom
  • Ryan
  • Caitlin
  • Ray


Show Your Moves and 8-bit Dungeon Boss Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


It’s a Podcast Double Shot!

Ok folks!  Due to a busy day job, I have neglected to publish the podcast lately.  But, because of this, we’ve got two this week!

They are both hilarious, too!

You can subcribe by clicking here!

Between the two, we’ve got a ton of people in the studio, including:

  • Jesse
  • Hobbit
  • Tom
  • Ryan
  • Bill
  • Ray
  • Patrick

We’ve been sampling some pretty terrible beverages, and having some great talks.

Please listen and enjoy!


So I’m out trying out some stuff for a project.  I was trying to make a hyperlapse video of walking up to the Pawtucket Armory, where the studio is located.

What is hyperlapse?  I’m sure this is your first question.

Hyperlapse is a time lapse video, that also has movement.  Normal time lapse is a camera set in one place and left to take pictures on it’s own.  Usually at intervals relative to what it is that you are trying to capture, so an ice cube melting might be one picture a second, setting up a room might be one picture every 6-8 seconds, a sunset might be one picture a minute, and seasons changing one picture a day.  Basically the idea is to really compress time down.

We can add movement to this, which creates an entirely new effect, because you have the time lapse, but the movement is typically very small, so it feels like the viewer is moving very slowly through a world that is moving and changing very quickly.  This is a very difficult thing to get right, since you must be very precise with not only how often you take pictures, but also how far you move between them.  Otherwise it’s very uneven and tough to watch.

This is kind of like the “Bullet Time” effect from the Matrix movies, except that instead of trying to slow down the sequence by having tons of extra frames to look at, we are trying to speed up the sequence by taking out lots of the boring stuff.


So it’s a nice day and I’m headed back outside to give this another try.
I suggest you all do get out there too.


- Tom

Computer Build – Day 6: It’s alive… IT’S! ALIVE!

They're Here!

I had a pleasant surprise when I got home from work yesterday; a few of the computer parts came in ahead of schedule!  As you can see from the picture above, I got an AMD FX 8-Core processor, and ASUS-branded Radeon HD 7770, a SATA cable, and a 22″ LCD Monitor.

Even though I had to get to my other job in a couple hours, I couldn’t help myself.  I started installing parts right away!  Keep reading below the cut to see how it went: Continue reading

Podcast Episode 22 – Cease and Desist!

WARNING!  Particularly coarse and offensive language ahead!

The MediaFiles are visited by a special guest this week: Uncle Ruckus (No Relation)!



Uncle Ruckus is a character from  The Boondocks (go watch it, it’s awesome!), and we were lucky enough to have some version of him pop through and guide on a review of the Bud Light Lime-A-Rita, a discussion on the Ukraine, and finally a look at our “Best Books of All Time.”

Also in the studio:

Good luck, and please don’t be offended.

Intro  music generously provided via Creative Common by: Dan-O at http://danosongs.com

Computer Build – Day 5: The Case!

New Case!Well, one of the key components came in today.  The case!  I picked up a Rosewill Galaxy Mid-Tower ATX with Red LED fan for $50.

Because this came is, I was able to start the build.  You can check out how the installation of parts started below the cut: Continue reading

Computer Build – Day 3: More Parts!

Not quite ready to actually start building yet…  But most of my parts came in today!

Here, check out the pile:IMG_3351So, from the top down we have:

  • A Rosewill USB 3.0 internal 3.5″ 74-in-1 memory card reader!
  • Corsair liquid cooling system for the CPU
  • 2 Western Digital 1 TB 7200 RPM hard drives
  • A DVD burner
  • The motherboard to handle all of this stuff!
  • 16 GB of DDR3 RAM

I had a little panic when I saw that the hard drives didn’t come with SATA cables, but then I found two in with the motherboard.  Still going to need one to get everything up and running, but that’s not too bad!

I also read the manual for the mobo, since it’s been a long time since I’ve built a computer.  Still seems as straightforward as ever, and this is definitely the best motherboard I’ve ever had!

Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday, so I don’t plan  on any updates.  We’ll see what comes in Monday morning.  Until then, don’t forget to “Spring Ahead” on any clocks you own that don’t do it automatically!

Computer Build – Day 2: The Parts Begin to Arrive

There’s not a whole lot to report today.  The parts I ordered (all through Amazon, incidentally – they had the best prices), have begun to arrive via UPS and FedEx!

IMG_3344As you can see, not much yet…


A set of Audio Technica professional studio monitor headphones.  It’s my first real set of over-the-ear headphones, and I must say, in the limited tests I’ve conducted so far, it turns listening into a whole new world.  I like these!  And they were only $40!

Also pictured is my PC power supply.  I opted for a Corsair 750 watt.  It has a bunch of fancy things like a silent running mode and some sort of bronze certification…  I honestly didn’t look to closely.  I mostly just wanted to make sure it would output enough power for all the other crazy stuff I’m getting.  I’ll have more to report during installation.

Not Pictured:

I also received some film production equipment today.  I got an 8′ handheld mic boom, a bunch of cables, and a Tascam DR-40 recorder.  If you’re into film-making or audio recording, you should totally look up the recorder.  It’s an awesome deal!

Anyway, my email says there’s a metric butt-load of parts coming in tomorrow, so there will be more to report then.

The Saga of a New Computer Build

As I’m getting back into video editing and film-making, here at The MediaFile, I am discovering that the laptop I bought for word processing in late 2010 is simply not quite cutting it for full HD 1080p video editing.  I shouldn’t have been surprised, but it just never occurred to me!  Especially since it’s still great at Photoshop, Illustrator and editing video at 720p.  Oh, well.  That’s how it goes…

So, I’ve decided to follow an old tradition of mine and do something I haven’t done in a long time.  I’m building a desktop PC!  I built my last one around an Intel Pentium 4 3.1GHz with Hyper Threading.  I…  Don’t remember much else about it, except that it was a BEAST at running Half-Life 2!

Anyway, over the coming days (maybe weeks) I’ll be chronicling, step-by-step the process of obtaining parts and building the machine.  I will share the costs with you, in case you want to build something similar.  And I will try to review the products as I go.

First up: Reclaimed parts from my old PC.  The following picture shows everything I’m starting with:Old Computer Stuff!

So, what do I have?

First, the desk.  That was a find at a local thrift shop.  $20.  Drawers.  A solid surface to put the thing on.  Good deal!

On the desk is the Cambridge Soundworks FPS 2000.  Some of you will remember this sound system fondly, the rest will have no idea what I’m talking about!  It’s old.  Manufactured around 1999.  But it still works and packs quite a punch!  4.1 surround sound with a really slick design.  I’ll be using headphones most of the time, but these will be great to have again.

HP Wireless Mouse and Keyboard combo.  This is a few years old now, and not even Bluetooth…  But it was, like, an $80 set, and saves me some money until I can get a Das Keyboard and Bluetooth mouse.

Westinghouse 19″ LCD display.  This will be my secondary display, I’ve got another on the way so I can run two monitors.  It works…  Not much else to say about it.

Windows 8 and Office 2013.  This is what I’m starting out with for software.  Totally legal and everything!  As a graduate student at Rhode Island College, I was able to buy these for $15 each through our institutional agreement with Microsoft.  Not bad!  And the Windows 8.1 upgrade is supposedly free!

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Got some packages coming in tomorrow, and more updates to come!